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Project OutFox Wiki

Pardon our dust! We have rebuilt the wiki using a new framework to make things nicer and more organized.

All of the existing content has been migrated, but be sure to report any issues you encounter, and we’ll get them fixed ASAP.

Welcome to the documentation wiki for Project OutFox! Project OutFox is a multi-moded rhythm game sandbox. It features 15 (and growing!) different simulation styles allowing players to create unique experiences in charting, gimmicks and effects to outfox their friends! The game allows for full customisation and supports a number of community led custom chart formats.

This wiki is still a work in progress, so keep checking back for updates on new content! It is edited via a Git repository; commit access is limited to the development team, but you can always perform pull requests too.

Table of contents

Credits and license

Text available under the CC-BY SA 4.0 licence, attributed to Team Rizu unless otherwise noted.

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