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The base for SongMeterDisplay, which uses two Actors to render the progress of a given value.

Unlike SongMeterDisplay, MeterDisplay doesn’t update by itself. In order to perform updates, you have to manually set a new width and position value for Stream and Tip.
	-- The width the MeterDisplay. Can be adjusted later with SetStreamWidth.
	StreamWidth = 100,
		-- This generates a 300 x [the height of your Stream texture] that will define the current progress of whatever song is currently being played.
		-- The actor will automatically update progress for the Tip and the Stream.
		self:SetStreamWidth( 300 )
	-- Both the Stream and Tip are AutoActors, so they can be any actor type.
	Stream=Def.Sprite{ Texture="MyStreamBar" },
	Tip=Def.Sprite{ Texture="MyTip" }


StreamWidthnumberThe width the MeterDisplay. Can be adjusted later with SetStreamWidth.
StreamActorThe actor that will represent the progress of the song.
TipActorThe actor that will represent the current position of the song.
The Stream attribute is required for the SongMeterDisplay to be created. Otherwise it will return an empty Actor.
Both Stream and Tip can be any kind of Actor.



(float Width)

Adjusts the width of the MeterDisplay to the desired Width.