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System requirements

Project OutFox has builds for Windows, macOS, and Linux. We also have specific builds for ARM-based Linux devices and Apple M1-based computers. It should run on just about any computer from the mid-2000s onward, depending on the operating system and hardware specifications. We have had alphas running on CPUs as old as the Pentium E2180.

The Windows build of Project OutFox requires Windows 7 or later. Windows XP builds are available for selected releases, which require Service Pack 3.

Parts of the game are so well-optimised now that they’re running too fast, and the rest of the game needs to catch up. We will have a proper fix later, but increasing the amount of background activity (i.e. having other programs running in the background, etc.) is a temporary solution.

How to install Project OutFox

Download the installer or package for your respective operating system on the Project OutFox website.

Next steps

Once Project OutFox is installed, you can move on to setting the game up.