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OutFox Serenity

What is OutFox Serenity?

OutFox Serenity is the official community song pack project made primarily for Project OutFox. Its purpose is to produce packs of “libre” songs for the game that can be freely redistributed (including as part of its default, bundled songs), and to showcase the functionality of Project Outfox by offering charts for multiple game types beyond just 4-key/dance.

How was OutFox Serenity created?

During Project OutFox Alpha 4.8.0 development, we started to release many modes, however, some of those modes have complicated chart standards or no longer have support. We decided then that it was right to create a community pack based on StepMania StepMix where the community would contribute for songs to be bundled with the game, but this time, songs for every mode OutFox supports.

How can I contribute to OutFox Serenity?

  1. Make sure to read our guidelines to understand the rules of contribution and submission.
  2. Fill our online form selecting the option of which you want to submit and any other required information.
  • If you have music that follows our Music guidelines, then please submit it using our online form, once you submit you have agreed that we have permission to store/share your content with members of our team to organize the selection of future volumes of OutFox Serenity and that the public has permission to Stream/Record and Upload Videos playing Project OutFox with your songs, our channel will upload your song to Project OutFox Youtube Channel and that your song can be featured in arcades, as long as your song is selected.

  • If you want to contribute with charts for:

    In both options, we will request you to use our templates which can be found on our OutFox Serenity Discord Server. Make sure to check the pinned messages as they include each game mode scaling.

  • If you want to contribute with graphics, then follow the same steps given to chart contribution. But instead, use the “graphics” channels on our Discord server.

Does OutFox Serenity work with other StepMania forks?

No, the packages we provide include content which will not work with other StepMania forks and can even cause crashes when trying to load them.

Contributors and the Serenity Team prepare the pack with Project OutFox performance and behavior in mind, even if some individual chart works with those older forks.

How do I update my packs?

We will notify everwhere possible that a new version has come out and we will also include a “New X Only” and “All In One” Package, you can choose which package to update your current install.

How will Volume 3 work?

Volume 3 will work very different from past volumes, but to make it simple:

  • We will reveal 3 songs with SSC Templates and that will be a season.
  • Contributors can contribute with charts and graphics.
  • After 1 month from the season reveal, we will release that season package.
  • Every other month after the season package that package will get updated.
  • After 3 months another season will be revealed and the same steps as above will apply.


  • TTC (Time to Chart) for every season will be 3 months.
  • There’s no Testing Weeks, make sure your content is final and meets all our requirements before sending.
  • Each season will always have 3 songs at max.
  • If a song has charts but no graphics yet, it will use the pack graphics, if after 2 months of the song reveal there’s still no graphic for that song, then it will be made by members of the Serenity Team.

Can I Stream/Record and Upload Videos of me playing Serenity Songs or use them in a Arcade?

Yes! In case you want to be extra secure, each song folder in our package includes a text file with licenses for the Song and Graphics. (If a section isn’t include for one of those, you can assume you’re safe.)

What are OutFox Serenity Volumes?

OutFox Serenity Volume I

Released August 27, 2021, OutFox Serenity Volume I features music by Aspid Cat, Drazil, Jack5, Matduke, mmry, PizeroFox, Seo, and Sevish. Alongside 4-panel (dance) and 5-panel (pump) charts, some of its songs also have be-mu, po-mu, techno (8- and 9-panel), gddm, and gdgf, and gh charts. Comes with:

View Chart Table

250 Charts have been created for 11 songs. Volume I StepArtists had 97 days of development.

OutFox Serenity Volume I Winter Update

The Winter Update to OutFox Serenity Volume I features three new songs by DJ Megas, Matduke and Pekoneko (ペコネコ). It also includes changes to some of the existing songs from Volume 1, including additional charts, and key sounded be-mu/po-mu and gh charts for selected songs. Comes with:

View Chart Table

76 Charts have been created for 3 songs. Volume I Winter Update StepArtists had 50 days of development.

OutFox Serenity Volume II

Released September 4, 2022, Serenity Volume II features music by Ace of Beat, Finite Limit, Jack5, Kurio Prokos, Lagoona, Rilliam, rN, SiLiS, and td. Comes with:

View Chart Table

155 Charts have been created for 10 songs. Volume II StepArtists had 111 days of development.

Are modfiles allowed to be submitted?

Yes. But make sure its gimmicks only work with your specific chart/difficulty, no chart should impact other’s charts in any way.

Our team has a list of music submitted by members of the community, we try to select a safe amount of music that guarantees a healthy amount of charts will be made for each one since chart and graphic submissions are made purely by the interest of the authors and at the moment of writing this document, Project OutFox has no dedicated Chart Creation Team.

Another possible reason is that your submission does not follow the music guidelines, if you think that is the case then you can contact us using the following socials:

Make sure to check any of the socials you provided to us, if we are considering using your music but it’s missing something, we will try to contact you.

Why are some music files missing from the repository?

Those are special as they use a license that doesn’t allow us to publicly host them on Github, they are still bundled with our release zips.

Which artists have had their music released with OutFox Serenity?

  • Matduke
    • Low End Theory (Volume I Winter Update)
    • Heartbeat (Volume I)
    • Let Me See You (Volume I)
    • Broken (Volume I)
  • Sevish
    • Some Things Must (OutFox Edit) (Volume I)
  • PizeroFox
    • Tagebuch der vergangenen Erinnerungen (Volume I)
  • mmry
    • After the Ending (Volume I)
  • Jack5
    • Nexen II (Phase Two) (Volume I)
    • Sweetners (Volume II)
  • Aspid Cat
    • Abandoned Doll (Volume I)
    • Conflicting Revenge (Volume I)
  • Seo
    • brokenHeart resurrection ~estele~ (Volume I)
  • spirai project “drazil”
    • synthborn lovebirds (Volume I)
  • DJ Megas
    • Plasma (Volume I Winter Update)
  • Pekoneko (ペコネコ)
    • Umi’s Secret (Chiptune Mix) (Volume I Winter Update)
  • Rilliam
    • chop chop (Volume II)
  • Kurio Prokos
    • Beatucada (Volume II)
  • Lagoona
    • Into My Dream (Volume II)
  • SiLiS
    • Bounded Quietude (Volume II)
    • Phycietiia (Volume II)
    • Neutralize (PTB10 Mix) (Volume II)
  • Finite Limit
    • Bounded Quietude (Volume II)
  • rN
    • Phycietiia (Volume II)
  • Thomas Dingwall a.k.a td
  • Ace of Beat
    • Technological ≠ Emotional (Volume II)
    • B-Happy (Volume II)

Which charters have had their charts released with OutFox Serenity?

Daniel Rotwind91
Dancing Maractus8
Timo Kitsune2

Which graphic makers have had their artwork released with OutFox Serenity?

  • Lirodon
    • Plasma (Background, Jacket, Banner)
    • Broken (Background, Jacket, Banner)
    • Heartbeat (Background, Jacket, Banner)
    • Let Me See You (Background, Jacket, Banner)
    • Conflicting Revenge (Background, Jacket, Banner)
    • After the Ending (Jacket)
    • Sweetners (Background, Jacket, Banner)
    • Phycietiia (Background, Jacket, Banner)
    • Technological ≠ Emotional (Background, Jacket, Banner)
  • Daniel Rotwind
    • Umi’s Secret (Chiptune Mix) (Background, Jacket, Banner) *Art commissioned from Trinitoid
    • Low End Theory (Background, Jacket, Banner) *Art commissioned from Khayos
    • Tagebuch der vergangenen Erinnerungen (Background, Jacket, Banner, BGA) *Art comissioned from ArtPhantom17
    • brokenHeart resurrection ~estele~ (Background, Jacket, Banner)
    • Bounded Quietude (Background, Jacket, Banner) *Art comissioned from Axl_fox
    • Neutralize (PTB10 Mix) (Background, Jacket, Banner) *Art comissioned from Zeta-Neubourn
  • Jack5
    • Nexen II (Background, Jacket, Banner)
    • Some Things Must (OutFox Edit) (Background, Jacket, Banner)
  • Jousway
    • After the Ending (Background, Banner)
  • Drazil
    • synthborn lovebirds (Background, Jacket, Banner)
  • Aqui
    • Abandoned Doll (Background, Jacket, Banner)
  • Jose_Varela
    • Heartbeat (BGA)
    • Beatucada (Background, Jacket, Banner)
  • Dramis
    • chop chop (Background, Jacket, Banner)
  • K.TURN
    • Into My Dream (Background, Jacket, Banner, BGA)
  • Telperion
    • CRUSH THE DEVIL (IN MY BRAIN) (Background, Jacket, Banner)
  • Kaimaruz
    • B-Happy (Background, Jacket, Banner)

Who organizes the project?

Most of the work is handled by OutFox Community Team with occasional help from OutFox Design Team and feedback from OutFox Development Team. In Specific:

  • SHRMP0: Serenity Server Organization, Music Selection, Pack Organization, Serenity Sheet Organization, Simfile Templates, Chart Feedback.
  • Lirodon: Pack Assets, Serenity Trailer, Serenity Website Section, Guidelines Rules, Pack Advertisement.
  • Moru Zerinho6: Serenity Server Organization, Music Selection, Pack Organization, Serenity Website Section, Serenity Wiki.
  • Daniel Rotwind: Creation of templates for be-mu/po-mu game modes, Pack Assets, Chart Creation.
  • shockdude: Creation of GH game mode templates, Chart Creation.
  • Sevish: Sound Normalization, Music Feedback, Chart Creation.
  • Moneko: Music Selection.
  • dj505: Chart Creation and Feedback.
  • Jose_Varela: Chart Creation, Pack Assets.

Written and Maintained by Moru Zerinho6