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OutFox Alpha 3.0 to 4.0 Roadmap

OutFox Alpha 3.0 to 4.0 Roadmap

The following list is what the project planned and needed to have ready in time for our first public Alpha build that was released on the 16th December 2019. This roadmap was what we targeted during our alpha 3 stage, commonly known as ‘bronze’ internally. We had a branch running alongside which was known as ‘silver’ as it had been tried and tested code from a lot of work done before.

Due to how little time we had and after the branch merge fail which lost us around 5 months work on this fork, ‘silver’ was abandoned and restarted as alpha 4. We did not have a properly defined direction during this part of the project, it was more about fixing massive glaring bugs to make the game smoother to build upon, as the base game did not like being changed at all. The other main part of the project at this point was to get MacOSX compiling and moving in the right direction. The game didn’t work at all, nor did it even run correctly when we got it working. That ate most of 2019’s development time. This was worth it in the long run, as it has made it a lot easier to support newer versions of the OS, as well as the new M1 architecture from Apple.

  • ✅ Update GLEW
  • ✅ Update and fix MacOSX building and compiling
  • ✅ Fix Windows 7 compiling and crashing
  • ✅ Fix libraries
  • ✅ Change math system
  • ✅ Fix ALSA referencing so the driver works
  • ✅ Fix InputDevice referencing in Linux
  • ✅ Fix clock methodology on MacOSX
  • ✅ Move internal systems to support SDL
  • ✅ LLW fixes on Linux and MacOSX
  • ✅ Rewrite most of darwin code to support Catalina Beta
  • ✅ Move codebase to C++11

Completion Date: 30th December 2019