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OutFox Alpha 4.9.6 Build

Release Date: 16th December 2020

“Single-Frame Don-Chan is not amused”


(Taiko no Tatsujin - © 2001 Namco/Bandai Namco Studios)

The hot-fix patch that delayed Alpha 5, da-don!

We have fixed the crash on startup on windows 8/10, da-don!

If you have downloaded the windows build and have a crash, please redownload the new build!

  • ❕✅ Fixed Crash with generating profiles due to weird windows error (Thanks Ultra for reporting!)
  • ❕✅ Fixed Buggy crash due to Intel driver
  • ❕✅ Removed OpenGL 4.3 availability on Win 8/10 due to update breaking Intel Drivers on Pre 8th Gen Chips

Announcing Apple M1 controller support!

We have worked through several days and nights of trying to get this to work, and we can happily announce that we are one of the first native apps to have full HIDAPI and XInput support on Apple Silicon!

This means you can play with pad/controller, and use some of your jank pre-2010 madness! We are super proud of this achievement and you can now move to the M1 macs without worry of your pads not working.


To support this new input methods available to Mac M1, we have a fully native build. No more Rosetta!



We have full support for pads in HIDAPI, and XInput pads do work when mapped, however, just to keep it simple, use HIDAPI 👍

On the Keymap screen, we added new secondary and tertiary inputs, unintentionally mirroring the @taronuke nitg project. Inspired I think. When we were discussing the feature request, two of the developers were unaware that the input menu for NiTG had 5 input rows. However, I will credit our sister project, I don’t want folks to think we take inspired options without reporting the origins, we work together to benefit all of our community.


You can now map multiple controllers and keys for players, as by request of several community players.


  • ❕✅ Fix adjusted FFMPEG libraries to allow for more supported formats
  • ❕✅ New Game Select Screen
  • ❕✅ New Lua game selector
  • ❕✅ Allow user to select game on first run
  • ❕✅ Fix Pump fakes not being referenced
  • ❕✅ Fix theme changing method now Lua is an option
  • ❕✅ Update Lua to 5.3.6
  • ❕✅ Restore SM OutFox lexicon for backwards compatibility with cmd() based content
  • ❕✅ Restore SM OutFox %d patch for backwards compatibility (Thanks ArcticFqx!)
  • ❕✅ Fix Lua intregral floats to match current behaviour (Thanks Mr.ThatKid!)
  • ❕✅ Fix noteskin switching after first play
  • ❕✅ Update SDL2
  • ❕✅ Restore OutFox patches to SDL2 for International and Language support
  • ❕✅ Tighten up animation/screen change timings to be quicker
  • ❕✅ Fix drawing of characters with masking backgrounds
  • ❕✅ Added ’legacy’ draw mode to match 5.1/5.0 themer expectation (Slower, but use sparingly!)
  • ❕✅ Added Smoothlines Matrix Options for Backwards Compatibility
  • ❕✅ Added new LineStripM to allow for newer options moving forward, so older content is not broken accidentally
  • ❕✅ Added Allow Player to have controllable vanish point & FOV
  • ❕✅ Added function for controlling the vanish point’s X & Y separately
  • ❕✅ Added Allow NotePath to use the secondary DrawMode
  • ❕✅ Fixed Array overflow on P3IO, marquee lights should work as designed now
  • ❕✅ Created a separate FOV+VanishPoint for Player
  • ❕✅ Fixed potential crash in FOV in DrawFunctions
  • ❕✅ Changed ‘cement mixer’ to ‘super shuffle’ in mods (blender in SL)
  • ❕✅ Add new Lua patch for random to work as before in older themes/content
  • ❕✅ Fix errant reference and allow math.random(seed) to operate as designed
  • ❕✅ New Feature: New NoteDataUtil random generator to fix shuffle mods
  • ❕✅ Patch other “Random” generation to work for now - more work is required
  • ❕✅ Reimplement color variable for noteskins
  • ❕✅ Allow LoadActorForNoteSkin to properly use the new color variable
  • ❕✅ Implement NoteSkin draw order metric
  • ❕✅ Make PeakNPS a 2 decimal value
  • ❕✅ Stop Smoothlines option setting selection restarting the game
  • ❕✅ Change option text for input method in the Experimental Menu to HIDAPI/XInput
  • ❕✅ Added missing font fallbacks

Windows 7+:

  • ❕✅ Fixed LibUSB libraries causing game crash
  • ❕✅ Built new LibUSB dlls to ensure compatibility

Windows XP (32bit):

  • ❕✅ Fixed LibUSB libraries causing game crash


  • ❕✅ Fixed lib linking with new FFMPEG version

MacOSX (Intel):

  • ❕✅ Fixed Compile with new SDL version
  • ❕✅ Fixed LibUSB not picking up plugged in xbox controllers

MacOSX (M1):

  • ❕✅ Remove Redundant Darwin (<10.9) calls preventing compile on M1
  • ❕✅ Allow the arm64 arch to be exposed so XCode can actually see our M1 even in Rosetta Brew mode
  • ❕✅ Allow the OS Functions to be taken into consideration on the compile so we can see USB
  • ❕✅ Fix warnings with XCode in the input handler, and updated the plist to ensure we are current
  • ❕✅ Added new libs for LibUSB
  • ❕✅ Added new libs for FFMPEG
  • ❕✅ Fixed SDL2 compile options so dynamic input works!
  • ❕✅ Fixed PlayStation 1/2/3/4/5 controllers not detecting their buttons on HIDAPI mode
  • ❕✅ Fixed Controllers from Pre-2005 not being detected in HIDAPI mode
  • ❕✅ New Database will need to be added to in the future when SDL is updated for mac.

ARM/ARM64: (Raspberry Pi etc)

  • ❕✅ Added new libs for LibUSB

New community content:


  • ❕✅ Added new popn noteskin
  • ❕✅ Added outfox-note based noteskin with 192nd support and coloured holds


  • ✅ Translations updated from Moru, SHRMP0 and SheepyChris (Brazilian Portuguese)
  • ✅ Translations updated from Moneko (Polish)
  • ✅ Translations updated from Hanubeki (Japanese)
  • ✅ Translations updated from Jose_Varela (Spanish)
  • ✅ Translations updated from Daniel Rotwind (German)
  • ✅ Translations updated from Ksempac (French)
  • ✅ Translations updated from Snil4 (Hebrew)

(The ‘source’ code below is the reporting issues template, it is not the source for OutFox)