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OutFox Alpha 4.6.0 RC2 Build

Release Date: 23th June 2020

“Jous, Jous, Jous & Jous Big Sur…..prise Edition”

Next main update will be August 2020 as we have to get up to date with our documentation and new features.

Do not enable 8k texture support at this time, as it will give you GL_OUT_OF_MEMORY problems. Please wait until it’s mentioned in a later update.

All platforms

  • Fixed FFMpeg return nullptr when not able to load a video (thanks SheepyChris)
  • Fixed notefield not displaying on howtoplay and demonstration (thanks TacvicomGN)
  • Make p2 use keypad - instead of normal
  • Add GDDM part names
  • Add secondary button check for controllers
  • Add strum bass modes for guitar
  • Give GameManager some Fixes
  • Fix spacing and margins in ScreenGameplay
  • Optimise notefield positional options
  • Add PnM Portable 7 Button Mode
  • Lua fixes for multistyle support


  • Build with XCode 11 to keep backwards compatibility with 10.12-14

(The ‘source’ code below is the reporting issues template, it is not the source for OutFox)