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OutFox Alpha 4.2 Build

Release Date: 5th February 2020

Windows build was pulled due to bugs.

  • šŸ‰ Fix Shader initialisation being skipped due to new LLW pipeline.
  • Fix Detection returning false when actually true.
  • Added new Delta2019 noteskin (Thanks shakesoda).
  • Fix StepMania 5.0 noteskins to not use .redir files or fall back on assets from Default.
  • Fix SDL init not being set up correctly on older hardware.
  • Fix static linking of libs on windows.
  • Add SDL patchfix to fix input lag.
  • New GLAD renderer pipeline.
  • šŸ‰ Input has been completely rewritten to test controller input.
  • Player 2’s keyboard mappings will need resetting to numpad as it sets +-/* as keys. (This is a hooks bug we will remove).
  • Lua’s backend code has been made a little more stable.
  • Removed several cachemiss overflows, an important one being in the math pipe.
  • šŸ‰ Experimental touch support added. (There is no code at the moment, but it is on our roadmap.)
  • šŸ‰ Experimental hotplugging Support.
  • DrunkOffset and TipsyOffset changed to match their behaviour on NotITG v4; the previous versions have been renamed to DrunkSpacing and TipsySpacing.
  • HiddenRegions has been added
  • Optimise old ssc code from NoteDisplay.
  • Add option for hiding the mascot character on the title screen in Soundwaves
  • šŸ‰ Gatekeeper no longer gets upset on macOS
  • Core input modules are now macOS Sierra (10.12)+ compliant.
  • Sound modules are now 10.12+ compliant.
  • HiDPI is enabled, but the resize window will still fail on a resize if the computer has 2 monitors. (known bug)
  • Memory usage display on renderer stats overlay now functions on macOS.
  • Fix clock errors.
  • šŸ‰ Remove DirectX code from the game on Windows.
  • Fixed edge case heap crash on Windows caused by game controllers.
  • Fix bad Xinput crash on Linux.
  • Fix lag on gameplay on Linux.