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OutFox Alpha 4.0 Build

Release Date: 16th December 2019

  • Fix up NoteField zoom and positioning math for soundwaves.
  • Fix Linux Compile.
  • Fix Mine Rotation.
  • Fix FFMPEG memory leak.
  • Fix Credits with inconsistent shakesoda.
  • Add back select button menu, but also change the presentation of the options themselves to make it more prominent.
  • Set Loading Window Size on Linux.
  • Allow any splash size on windows.
  • Ensure Frame is persistent and not lose data.
  • Fix screengameplay background.lua calling the old func instead of the updated one.
  • Fix splash being width locked.
  • Make Eval’s noteskin actors grab from the Stage ModsLevel.
  • Fix making Credit’s and Openings work on any Theme’s screen height.
  • Fix typing issue with DrawDistanceBeforeTargetsPixels.
  • Fix TapNoteScore_Attack being invalid by replacing it with a valid TNS.
  • Allow PLayerAI to use Pro Judgments.
  • Remove delete on sharedptr in D3D.
  • Fix any image file extension support for avatars.
  • 🐉Update soundman earlier to stop usb cards lagging.
  • Hotfix Crash fixes.
  • 🐉Fix Colour Profile on D3D.
  • Fix Input detection on MacOS.
  • Update MacOS App Icon.
  • Fix typo pointed out by shakesoda.
  • Make map controllers screen BG more minimal, strip down overlay on input calibration gameplay.
  • New HD Noteskins.
  • Include new core mediaframeworks into CMake.
  • NSIS and Installer fixes.
  • Fix Lua Compile Warning.
  • Allow Lua access to new Module system
  • Fix Lua Module file permission issues
  • Apply Lua Module system to default theme objects
  • Fix Topcap Effects.
  • Add Stretch and shrink holds.
  • Make BitmapText Accept floats and then convert to int to prevent Lua errors.
  • Tweak lifebar and judgment for shake, explain ComboIsPerRow option in theme.