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Editor Preferences

The editor brings editor specific changes that allow you to tweak certain aspects for editing your content.

Preferences introduced on 5.0.0-editor-preview-r0 to 5.0.0-editor-preview-r27

Preference Name Action
Show Both Players Toggles the display of both players during playback.
Note: Both players are generated anyway during charts that allow for more than one player (like Single, or Versus). Other chart types won’t be affected by this setting.
Show Measure Lines on Playback Toggles the measure lines during playback. These are the horizontal lines shown during editing, which you may want to disable when previewing sections of a file that you may need full clarity.
Show Modifiers List Shows a list of modifiers currently active on the player on their respective side that updates in real time.
Auto Advance Upon Note Placement Auto advances the cursor to the next quantized beat from the currently selected snap after placing a note. (Experimental)
Show Backgrounds Choose whenever to display song backgrounds while playing. This also affects the display of the backgrounds on the Foreground layer, which are used for chart modding.
Allow Notefield Changes on Preview Enables the preview notefield (Which is enabled by pressing Space) to display chart-related changes like Scroll Speed changes, that change the spacing of the notes.