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A graph showing the difficulty meter values of each entry on a course. Despite its name, it doesn’t actually calculate anything about calories or workout.

The graph has a hardcoded ceiling of 35, being tied to the maximum difficulty value allowed in legacy SM.

This actor will only work on Course Mode!

WorkoutGraph demonstration

An example of the WorkoutGraph in action, after a 5-song course.

This image is using custom graphics to demonstrate the functionality of the actor. It is empty graphics by default.


There are no special attributes for this actor class. It inherits from ActorFrame.

Graphics used

This actor loads special graphics to create the graph.

  • WorkoutGraph empty

Background for the workout graph.

  • WorkoutGraph bar

The vertical bar to indicate the calories burned on each song.



Calls the data to be obtained from the “current workout”, which is the current session of your course.


(number numSongs)

Performs the same action as SetFromCurrentWorkout, but allows you to set a limit on how many songs should be shown in the graph.