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TextBanner is an automated ActorFrame that processes information from a Song or Course to fill in data to several included BitmapText actors.

This is used by the music wheel and the editor song selection screens to show the information of each song in the wheel or about the current song being selected to edit respectively.

The following example uses the SetSong command present in CourseContentsList, which automatically calls SetSong with its own data.
Def.TextBanner {
		self:Load("TextBannerCourse"):SetFromString("", "", "", "", "", "")
	SetSongCommand=function(self, params)
		if params.Song then
			self:SetFromSong( params.Song )
			self:SetFromString( "??????????", "??????????", "", "", "", "" )


There are no special atributes for this actor class. It inherits the atributes from ActorFrame.

Data used on load

When using the load function, it will requests multiple metrics from the theme.

[TextBanner] #  The name of the group can be different depending on the group that you want.

Title, SubTitle, and Artist OnCommands define how the BitmapText actors will be shown.

ArtistPrependString is a special metric that appends before the Artist data. And example, would be "/".

If there's no PrependString..

Artist 1
Artist 2

If there is a PrependString of "/"..

/ Artist 1
/ Artist 2

AfterSetCommand is a function that is called after all data has been processed on the TextBanner. This can be useful to fix any visual errors that might happen like overflowing text, incorrect sizing, and others.

You may notice on the mayority of themes, this metric contains a value like this:


This a special case of using a Lua function directly on the metrics. For more information about this, check out Function loading in metrics.

Data used on fetch

TextBanner uses 3 BitmapText actors to determine the following:

  • Title
  • Subtitle
  • Artist

This can either be from a song, or from a course.



(string sMetricsGroup)

Requests the TextBanner to load up settings present on the sMetricsGroup provided on the current theme’s metrics.ini file. For more information about what metrics are used, check Data used on load.


(song pSong)

Updates the TextBanner to show information from the Song given.


(string displayTitle, string translitTitle, string displaySubTitle, string translitSubTitle, string displayArtist, string translitArtist)

Updates the TextBanner to display custom information based on the strings provided.

All parameters must contain some kind of string, otherwise it will error. If there’s no information needed on one of the sections, use an empty string instead.