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The PercentageDisplay is an actor which relies on BitmapText to draw a player’s current score in a percentage (%).

While using this actor, any kind of text string manipulation won’t work if AutoRefresh is enabled, as it constantly updates the BitmapText for Percent and PercentRemainder (if defined) with the current percent data.

If Percentage Scoring is disabled, this actor will show the score in Dance Points instead (000000000).

Note that this won’t add commas to the score, so it will need to be declared using the commify function on the FormatPercentScore Attribute.

	DancePointsDigits = 2,
	AutoRefresh = true,
	FormatPercentScore =
	Percent = Def.BitmapText{
            Font = "Common Normal" -- Alias of the default font.
	PercentRemainder = Def.BitmapText{
            Font = "Common Normal" -- Alias of the default font.

Table of Contents


Name Type Action
DancePointsDigits int Defines how many digits should be shown when the score needs to be presented as dance points. Applicable if Percentage Scoring is disabled.
AutoRefresh bool Tells the actor to automatically update if there’s any update to the player’s score.
FormatPercentScore function Tells the actor how to present this percentage score for the Percent and PercentRemainder actors. Applicable if Percentage Scoring is enabled.
Percent BitmapText The text that will draw the main percentage. Can also draw the entire percentage (including decimals) if PercentRemainder is not defined.
PercentRemainder BitmapText The text that will draw the decimals for the percentage score.



( PlayerState state, PlayerStageStats stats )

Loads the player information so the PercentageDisplay can update based on the player data.

If AutoRefresh is off, this data won’t be updated automatically and the function will need to be called again manually to perform the same thing.