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Doing Mods with Def.NoteField

Usually, a Player controls a NoteField, which includes positioning, zooming, rotation and vanish point manipulation. The game itself would also handle approach rates for modifiers used on a Player.

With Def.NoteField, this is now done manually, since there is no “Player” to handle everything.

Applying modifiers

Applying modifiers is instant, unlike the approach rate behavior usually seen.

This can be done through multiple ways:

1. Using the ModsFromString function in the NoteField.

  • Allows one to easilly set the modifiers on the NoteField through modstrings.
  • Some modifiers will not be usable through modstrings.
	OnCommand= function()

2. Grabbing the PlayerOptions of the NoteField

  • For now, "ModsLevel_Current" has to be used, since the game will no longer handle approaching from "ModsLevel_Song".
  • Allows for the use of all modifiers a Player can access.
  • Requires knowning how to use the PlayerOptions functions.
	OnCommand= function()


A NoteField starts with the chart the specified player used. However, SetNoteDataFromLua is usable on a Def.NoteField, allowing one to change the chart used. Unlike player, there is no SetNoteData function (for now), so the table format from GetNoteData has to be followed.

Replicating Mini and Perspective

Refer to the section How a Player Manipulates its’ NoteField.