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Creates an ActorFrame that contains a Sprite with the current status for a Player’s MemoryCard.


On each memory card update, the actor will be updated to detect if the card is loaded, ejected, checking, toolate, non-existent, and others.

The graphics used to update this actor are located in Graphics/MemoryCardDisplay [Card State] p[PlayerNumber index].
  • MemoryCardDisplay checking p1
  • MemoryCardDisplay checking p2
  • MemoryCardDisplay error p1
  • MemoryCardDisplay error p2
  • MemoryCardDisplay late p1
  • MemoryCardDisplay late p2
  • MemoryCardDisplay none p1
  • MemoryCardDisplay none p2
  • MemoryCardDisplay ready p1
  • MemoryCardDisplay ready p2
  • MemoryCardDisplay removed p1
  • MemoryCardDisplay removed p2


Name Type Action
PlayerNumber PlayerNumber The player to check its current MemoryCard state.