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Creates an ActorFrame that contains button sprites for a specific game mode to indicate their pressed state. A more visual version of Test Input.

The class only detects input from MultiPlayer players. These are a different kind of player that are exclusively on controllers.
The ControllerStateDisplay only detects pump buttons. It has been like this since July, 2007.


There are no special attributes to this actor class. It inherits from ActorFrame.

Loaded Graphics

When running either LoadMultiPlayer or LoadGameController, the following textures are loaded.

sType in this context is the Type provided as the first argument on both functions.

  • [sType] frame: The background frame for the buttons
  • [sType] [ControllerState]: A [Sprite] that represents the button.



(string type, GameController gc)

Loads a GameController to be used on the ControllerStateDisplay. It is automatically given a MultiPlayer of MultiPlayer_Invalid.

You can theoretically use this function to have functionality on a regular controller / player, given those also use GameController.


(string type, MultiPlayer mp)

Loads a MultiPlayer mp to detect its input. Calling this function will make the ControllerStateDisplay use a controller of GameController_1.