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A general-purpose BPM display. Can cycle between two states of values in a rolling motion.



There are no special attributes with this actor type. It inherits its attributes from BitmapText.


These functions also work on SongBPMDisplay.


Obtains the current BPM information from the song or course. If the song is from an extra stage, it will report it as a random value instead.


(Song pSong)

Sets the BPM to the song’s BPM range. This value can be tricked if the chart is using a specified BPM rather than the actual BPM, or even jumbled if it’s tagged as random.


(Steps data)

Sets the BPM to the steps’s BPM range. Useful if the current steps contain different timing data.


(Course pCourse)

Obtains the BPM range from the course. A couple of rules are applied here:

  • The operation will fail if there are no steps available on the course for the current StepsType.
  • If there are more entries than the value of Common::MaxCourseEntriesBeforeShowVarious (Default: 10), the course is considered various, and instead will output the text defined on BPMDisplay::VariousText (Default: "000").


Gets the current value that the SongBPMDisplay contains.